We have a lot of rules to keep.
For example, in your home, it exists such as ”When you use your phone or play game, you can enjoy it by the time that is promised.”, and in your school, “You cannot buy and eat anything when you go to your school or go your home.” , and so on.
The rules are not only those, but also these ones.
In your village or town or city, and prefecture have rules, and we call it “regulations” , and the country have many rules called “law”.
We have a lot of rules to keep like these.

The constitution is the leader of the rules that are in the country. In your home’s or school’s rules don’t commit crimes that written in the law, and the law was made on the basis of things that is written in the constitution.We call the constitution that is top of the rules in our country “the supreme law”, and we must keep the constitution as the supreme law.

 We must keep what is written in the constitution. But what is written in the constitution?

 At first, it is decides the Three-principles.

 One of them is “The sovereignty of the people”.
This is that the people governs neither the politicians nor emperor.
In Japan, the politicians who were chosen by the people of Japan govern, and the opinions of the people were used.

 Second is “Pacifism”.
Japan has the experience of war, when most of people were killed. We mustn’t prove such a thing never, so The constitution of Japan article 9 says that “We don’t have a war never” and “We don’t have any armies and navies, forces”.

And the last is “Respect for fundamental human rights”.
“Fundamental human rights” is the rights that the people have from the time when he/she born. For example, they are “The right to live” and “The right to request liberty and happiness”. They are what should be respected maximum.
The constitution of Japan calls them “侵すことのできない永久の権利”.


Others, such as “Paying tax”, “Let the children educate” and ”Working” as the three major duties, are written in the constitution, too.
What is written in the constitution not only them. 103 rules are written in the constitution of Japan to protect the people, to make the people be happy, to help the people.

These important things are written in it.
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